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Why PigeonBox?
Online shopping is fantastic right up to the point where you actually receive your order. E-Commerce is seamless and secure from purchase to payment, but physically retrieving your packages? Dreadful. PigeonBox makes the final step of online shopping just as convenient as the rest. Just set your shipping address as a PigeonBox location, then pick up your package with the code sent to your phone.
Protect your packages
Pick-up on your own schedule
Keep your home address private
Reduce your carbon footprint
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What people say
Josue Santo
Computer Engineer
When I ship my GPUs to PigeonBox I know the delivery guy can’t frisbee it onto my doorstep. Thank you PigeonBox.
Xiangxian Li
I send my Chanel and Bottega Veneta through to PigeonBox because I know there’s no chance they’ll be stolen.
Shopping Enthusiast
When I order embarrassing objects online I can’t have my neighours seeing those shipments on my doorstep. PigeonBox is a privacy godsend.
Get your first delivery on us!
48 hours to pick-up
$5/day overdue charges
72 hours to pick-up
$5/day overdue charges
Available locations:
• UBC AMS Nest (right across RBC)
• Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain Station (Coming Soon)
• Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station (Coming Soon)
• Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station (Coming Soon)
• UBC Robson Campus (Coming Soon)