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Why PigeonBox?
Online shopping is fantastic right up to the point where you actually receive your order. E-Commerce is seamless and secure from purchase to payment, but physically retrieving your packages? Dreadful. PigeonBox makes the final step of online shopping just as convenient as the rest. Just set your shipping address as a PigeonBox location, then pick up your package with the code sent to your phone.
Protect your packages
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Keep your home address private
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Our Locations
• UBC AMS Nest
• UBC Robson Campus (Coming Soon!)
• Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain Station
• Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station
• Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station
What People Say
"It’s super convenient! Lockers found in many places."
"Easier and closer than going to the post office."
"Easily the most convenient way to shop online. A must-have for any Vancouver online shopper."
"Coworkers can't see what I ordered!"
"Good communications throughout the delivery process. Nice to pick up on the go in transit."
Get your first delivery on us!
48 hours to pick-up
$5/day overdue charges
72 hours to pick-up
$5/day overdue charges


How do I get my orders delivered to PigeonBox?

  1. Copy and paste your PigeonBox Delivery Address (exactly as seen on your account page) as your shipping address on any online store.
  2. Complete your order. You will later be sent a text message to choose your pick up location.
  3. You will receive a text message with a code to open the locker when your package has arrived.

How do I choose where to pick up my order?

  1. When your order gets to us, you’ll receive a text message to schedule your package.
  2. Click the link in your message or go to "Usage History" in the PigeonBox dashboard.
  3. Press "Schedule Now" and choose your desired time and PigeonBox location.

How do I pick up my order?

  1. A six-character pick-up code will be texted to you.
  2. Press pick-up on the PigeonBox locker screen.
  3. Enter the pick-up code from the text. The door that contains your package will open up. Take your package out and close the door.

How do I pick up my order without paying at a SkyTrain fare gate?

You will need a valid credit card or Compass card to enter through the fare gate. Don’t worry! Your card will not be charged if you tap in and out at the same fare gate within 20 minutes.

Where can I find PigeonBox inside the SkyTrain stations?

Joyce-Collingwood Station
You can find us at the northwest entrance of Joyce-Collingwood station (the entrance near the Clive Ave. and Vanness Ave. intersection).

Commercial-Broadway Station
We're by the escalator of the south entrance of the Commercial-Broadway station (the entrance beside Safeway).

Stadium-Chinatown Station
We're at the Expo Blvd. entrance with the wide staircase (the entrance beside Costco).

What happens if multiple packages arrive at once?

As long as your packages arrive on the same day and can fit in a single locker, you will only have to schedule and pay for a single pick-up.

How do I refer a friend?

You can give your referral code located in your account page to your friend. Your reward of $5 will be added once your friend has picked up their first delivery.

How can I contact PigeonBox for support?

You can reach us via e-mail at:

Are there size restrictions for parcels that can be delivered to a locker?

Yes. The largest parcel size we can accommodate is 45cm wide x 40cm tall x 60cm deep. The maximum weight is 25kg. If you accidentally ship a larger package to PigeonBox, support will contact you to arrange pickup at our office.